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doc: Minor changes to the Releasing doc

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......@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@ Once all signatures from all selected developers have been committed:
Upload the tarball and its sig to the dist website:
`rsync -avP tor-{,.asc}`
`rsync -avP tor-*.gz{,.asc}`
Then, on, run:
......@@ -110,8 +110,8 @@ Once the tarballs have been uploaded and are ready to be announced, we need to
do the following:
1. Tag versions (`main` branch or `release` branch as appropriate) using
`git tag -s tor-0.x.y.z-<status>` and then push the tags:
`git push origin --tags`
`git tag -s tor-0.x.y.z-<status>` and then push the tag(s):
`git push origin tor-0.x.y.z-<status>`
(This should be the `main` or `release` branch because that is the one
from which the tarballs are built. We want our tags to match our
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