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Add __SocksPort etc variants for non-persistent use

Implements feature 20956.
parent 9469aaaa
o Minor features (configuration, controller):
- Each of the *Port options, such as SocksPort, ORPort, ControlPort,
and so on, now comes with a __*Port variant that will not be
saved to the torrc file by the controller's SAVECONF command.
This change allows TorBrowser to set up a single-use domain socket
for each time it launches Tor. Closes ticket 20956.
......@@ -2668,6 +2668,19 @@ The following options are used for running a testing Tor network.
we replace it and issue a new key?
(Default: 3 hours for link and auth; 1 day for signing.)
These options are not saved to the torrc file by the "SAVECONF" controller
command. Other options of this type are documented in control-spec.txt,
section 5.4. End-users should mostly ignore them.
[[UnderscorePorts]] **\_\_ControlPort**, **\_\_DirPort**, **\_\_DNSPort**, **\_\_ExtORPort**, **\_\_NATDPort**, **\_\_ORPort**, **\_\_SocksPort**, **\_\_TransPort**::
These underscore-prefixed options are variants of the regular Port
options. They behave the same, except they are not saved to the
torrc file by the controller's SAVECONF command.
......@@ -133,8 +133,17 @@ static config_abbrev_t option_abbrevs_[] = {
/** An entry for config_vars: "The option <b>name</b> is obsolete." */
#define OBSOLETE(name) { name, CONFIG_TYPE_OBSOLETE, 0, NULL }
#define VPORT(member) \
VAR(#member, LINELIST, member ## _lines, NULL)
* Macro to declare *Port options. Each one comes in three entries.
* For example, most users should use "SocksPort" to configure the
* socks port, but TorBrowser wants to use __SocksPort so that it
* isn't stored by SAVECONF. The SocksPortLines virtual option is
* used to query both options from the controller.
#define VPORT(member) \
VAR(#member "Lines", LINELIST_V, member ## _lines, NULL), \
VAR(#member, LINELIST_S, member ## _lines, NULL), \
VAR("__" #member, LINELIST_S, member ## _lines, NULL)
/** Array of configuration options. Until we disallow nonstandard
* abbreviations, order is significant, since the first matching option will
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