Commit 84e31c00 authored by Mike Perry's avatar Mike Perry
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Demote "Unexpected path length" log to info.

You win Maze; we surrender.
parent 2ce51427
......@@ -1289,8 +1289,7 @@ circuit_finish_handshake(origin_circuit_t *circ,
* don't seem able to do it, so there is some magic way that hops can
* still get added. Perhaps some cases of circuit pre-build that change
* purpose? */
static ratelim_t cc_path_limit = RATELIM_INIT(600);
log_fn_ratelim(&cc_path_limit, LOG_NOTICE, LD_CIRC,
"Unexpected path length %d for exit circuit %d, purpose %d",
circ_len, circ->global_identifier,
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