Commit a47765a1 authored by Roger Dingledine's avatar Roger Dingledine
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stop freeing the new global options list whenever we update it.

parent 237f5852
......@@ -364,12 +364,14 @@ set_options(or_options_t *new_val)
or_options_t *old_options = global_options;
global_options = new_val;
/* Note that we pass the *old* options below, for comparison. It
* pulls the new options directly out of global_options. */
if (options_act(old_options) < 0) { /* acting on the options failed. die. */
log_fn(LOG_ERR,"Acting on config options left us in a broken state. Dying.");
if (old_options)
config_free(&options_format, global_options);
config_free(&options_format, old_options);
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