Commit aaefad64 authored by Roger Dingledine's avatar Roger Dingledine
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stop lying in the config file comment we write out regarding


parent a54ce34e
......@@ -484,7 +484,7 @@ static config_var_description_t options_description[] = {
"and servers." },
{ "ORListenAddress", "Bind to this address to listen for connections from "
"clients and servers, instead of the default" },
{ "PublishServerDescriptor", "Set to \"\" to keep the server from "
{ "PublishServerDescriptor", "Set to 0 to keep the server from "
"uploading info to the directory authorities." },
/*{ "RedirectExit", "When an outgoing connection tries to connect to a "
*"given address, redirect it to another address instead." },
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