Commit b2212bf9 authored by Robert Ransom's avatar Robert Ransom
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Add Tor2webMode configuration option

parent 11221d0f
......@@ -957,6 +957,10 @@ The following options are useful only for clients (that is, if
Tor will look at the UseOptimisticData parameter in the networkstatus.
(Default: auto)
**Tor2webMode** **0**|**1**::
When this option is set, Tor connects to hidden services
**non-anonymously**. This option also disables client connections to
non-hidden-service hostnames through Tor. (Default: 0)
......@@ -394,6 +394,7 @@ static config_var_t _option_vars[] = {
V(TestSocks, BOOL, "0"),
V(TokenBucketRefillInterval, MSEC_INTERVAL, "100 msec"),
V(Tor2webMode, BOOL, "0"),
V(TrackHostExits, CSV, NULL),
V(TrackHostExitsExpire, INTERVAL, "30 minutes"),
......@@ -3008,6 +3008,11 @@ typedef struct {
int AllDirActionsPrivate; /**< Should every directory action be sent
* through a Tor circuit? */
/** Run in 'tor2web mode'? (I.e. only make client connections to hidden
* services, and use a single hop for all hidden-service-related
* circuits.) */
int Tor2webMode;
int ConnLimit; /**< Demanded minimum number of simultaneous connections. */
int _ConnLimit; /**< Maximum allowed number of simultaneous connections. */
int RunAsDaemon; /**< If true, run in the background. (Unix only) */
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