Commit b49e561f authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson 👁
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Turn on microdescriptors for clients

parent b55e31ae
o Major features:
- The microdescriptor system is now on by default for clients. This
allows clients to use Tor while downloading a much smaller amount
of directory information. To disable it, set "UseMicrodescriptors 0"
in your torrc file.
......@@ -390,7 +390,7 @@ static config_var_t _option_vars[] = {
V(UpdateBridgesFromAuthority, BOOL, "0"),
V(UseBridges, BOOL, "0"),
V(UseEntryGuards, BOOL, "1"),
V(UseMicrodescriptors, AUTOBOOL, "0"),
V(UseMicrodescriptors, AUTOBOOL, "auto"),
VAR("V1AuthoritativeDirectory",BOOL, V1AuthoritativeDir, "0"),
VAR("V2AuthoritativeDirectory",BOOL, V2AuthoritativeDir, "0"),
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