Commit db34f6c9 authored by Roger Dingledine's avatar Roger Dingledine
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handle other de-sync cases from #40396

Specifically, every time a guard moves into or out of state
GUARD_REACHABLE_MAYBE, it is an opportunity for the guard reachability
state to get out of sync with the have-minimum-dir-info state.

Fixes even more of #40396.
parent 3c8510e2
......@@ -132,6 +132,7 @@
#include "feature/client/entrynodes.h"
#include "feature/client/transports.h"
#include "feature/control/control_events.h"
#include "feature/dirclient/dlstatus.h"
#include "feature/dircommon/directory.h"
#include "feature/nodelist/describe.h"
#include "feature/nodelist/microdesc.h"
......@@ -576,6 +577,18 @@ mark_guard_maybe_reachable(entry_guard_t *guard)
guard->is_reachable = GUARD_REACHABLE_MAYBE;
if (guard->is_filtered_guard)
guard->is_usable_filtered_guard = 1;
/* Check if it is a bridge and we don't have its descriptor yet */
if (guard->bridge_addr && !guard_has_descriptor(guard)) {
/* Reset the descriptor fetch retry schedule, so it gives it another
* go soon. It's important to keep any "REACHABLE_MAYBE" bridges in
* sync with the descriptor fetch schedule, since we will refuse to
* use the network until our first primary bridges are either
* known-usable or known-unusable. See bug 40396. */
download_status_t *dl = get_bridge_dl_status_by_id(guard->identity);
if (dl)
......@@ -2302,6 +2315,12 @@ entry_guards_note_guard_success(guard_selection_t *gs,
/* If guard was not already marked as reachable, send a GUARD UP signal */
if (guard->is_reachable != GUARD_REACHABLE_YES) {
control_event_guard(guard->nickname, guard->identity, "UP");
/* Schedule a re-assessment of whether we have enough dir info to
* use the network. One of our guards has just moved to
* GUARD_REACHABLE_YES, so maybe we can resume using the network
* now. */
guard->is_reachable = GUARD_REACHABLE_YES;
......@@ -3545,6 +3564,11 @@ entry_guards_changed_for_guard_selection(guard_selection_t *gs)
or_state_mark_dirty(get_or_state(), when);
/* Schedule a re-assessment of whether we have enough dir info to
* use the network. When we add or remove or disable or enable a
* guard, the decision could shift. */
/** Our list of entry guards has changed for the default guard selection
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