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Documenting reject6 and accept6 ExitPolicy entries in manpage.

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......@@ -1492,6 +1492,11 @@ is non-zero):
may also allow connections to your own computer that are addressed to its
public (external) IP address. See RFC 1918 and RFC 3330 for more details
about internal and reserved IP address space. +
Tor also allow IPv6 exit policy entries. For instance, "reject6 [FC00::]/7:*"
rejects all destinations that share 7 most significant bit prefix with
address FC00::. Respectively, "accept6 [C000::]/3:*" accepts all destinations
that share 3 most significant bit prefix with address C000::. +
This directive can be specified multiple times so you don't have to put it
all on one line. +
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