Commit e541319d authored by Roger Dingledine's avatar Roger Dingledine
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lay the groundwork for a default value for each config option.

tolerate null exitnodes, entrynodes, etc config options.

parent 5253405d
......@@ -1074,7 +1074,7 @@ static routerinfo_t *choose_good_middle_server(cpath_build_state_t *state,
routerlist_add_family(excluded, r);
choice = router_choose_random_node("", options.ExcludeNodes, excluded,
choice = router_choose_random_node(NULL, options.ExcludeNodes, excluded,
0, 1, options._AllowUnverified & ALLOW_UNVERIFIED_MIDDLE, 0);
return choice;
......@@ -52,11 +52,12 @@ static config_abbrev_t config_abbrevs[] = {
#undef PLURAL
/* A variable allowed in the configuration file or on the command line */
/** A variable allowed in the configuration file or on the command line. */
typedef struct config_var_t {
const char *name; /**< The full keyword (case insensitive) */
config_type_t type; /**< How to interpret the type and turn it into a value */
off_t var_offset; /**< Offset of the corresponding member of or_options_t */
const char *name; /**< The full keyword (case insensitive). */
config_type_t type; /**< How to interpret the type and turn it into a value. */
off_t var_offset; /**< Offset of the corresponding member of or_options_t. */
const char *initvalue; /**< String (or null) describing initial value. */
} config_var_t;
/** Return the offset of <b>member</b> within the type <b>tp</b>, in bytes */
......@@ -65,77 +66,77 @@ typedef struct config_var_t {
* CONFIG_TYPE_<b>conftype</b>, and corresponds to
* or_options_t.<b>member</b>"
#define VAR(name,conftype,member) \
{ name, CONFIG_TYPE_ ## conftype, STRUCT_OFFSET(or_options_t, member) }
#define VAR(name,conftype,member,initvalue) \
{ name, CONFIG_TYPE_ ## conftype, STRUCT_OFFSET(or_options_t, member), initvalue }
/** An entry for config_vars: "The option <b>name</b> is obsolete." */
#define OBSOLETE(name) { name, CONFIG_TYPE_OBSOLETE, 0 }
#define OBSOLETE(name) { name, CONFIG_TYPE_OBSOLETE, 0, NULL }
/** Array of configuration options. Until we disallow nonstandard
* abbreviations, order is significant, since the first matching option will
* be chosen first.
static config_var_t config_vars[] = {
VAR("Address", STRING, Address),
VAR("AllowUnverifiedNodes",CSV, AllowUnverifiedNodes),
VAR("AuthoritativeDirectory",BOOL, AuthoritativeDir),
VAR("BandwidthRate", UINT, BandwidthRate),
VAR("BandwidthBurst", UINT, BandwidthBurst),
VAR("ClientOnly", BOOL, ClientOnly),
VAR("ContactInfo", STRING, ContactInfo),
VAR("DebugLogFile", STRING, DebugLogFile),
VAR("DataDirectory", STRING, DataDirectory),
VAR("DirPort", UINT, DirPort),
VAR("DirBindAddress", LINELIST, DirBindAddress),
VAR("DirFetchPostPeriod", UINT, DirFetchPostPeriod),
VAR("DirPolicy", LINELIST, DirPolicy),
VAR("DirServer", LINELIST, DirServers),
VAR("ExitNodes", STRING, ExitNodes),
VAR("EntryNodes", STRING, EntryNodes),
VAR("StrictExitNodes", BOOL, StrictExitNodes),
VAR("StrictEntryNodes", BOOL, StrictEntryNodes),
VAR("ExitPolicy", LINELIST, ExitPolicy),
VAR("ExcludeNodes", STRING, ExcludeNodes),
VAR("FascistFirewall", BOOL, FascistFirewall),
VAR("FirewallPorts", CSV, FirewallPorts),
VAR("MyFamily", STRING, MyFamily),
VAR("NodeFamily", LINELIST, NodeFamilies),
VAR("Group", STRING, Group),
VAR("HttpProxy", STRING, HttpProxy),
VAR("HiddenServiceDir", LINELIST, RendConfigLines),
VAR("HiddenServicePort", LINELIST, RendConfigLines),
VAR("HiddenServiceNodes", LINELIST, RendConfigLines),
VAR("HiddenServiceExcludeNodes", LINELIST, RendConfigLines),
VAR("IgnoreVersion", BOOL, IgnoreVersion),
VAR("KeepalivePeriod", UINT, KeepalivePeriod),
VAR("LogLevel", LINELIST, LogOptions),
VAR("LogFile", LINELIST, LogOptions),
VAR("Address", STRING, Address, NULL),
VAR("AllowUnverifiedNodes",CSV, AllowUnverifiedNodes, NULL),
VAR("AuthoritativeDirectory",BOOL, AuthoritativeDir, "0"),
VAR("BandwidthRate", UINT, BandwidthRate, "800000"),
VAR("BandwidthBurst", UINT, BandwidthBurst, "50000000"),
VAR("ClientOnly", BOOL, ClientOnly, "0"),
VAR("ContactInfo", STRING, ContactInfo, NULL),
VAR("DebugLogFile", STRING, DebugLogFile, NULL),
VAR("DataDirectory", STRING, DataDirectory, NULL),
VAR("DirPort", UINT, DirPort, "0"),
VAR("DirBindAddress", LINELIST, DirBindAddress, NULL),
VAR("DirFetchPostPeriod", UINT, DirFetchPostPeriod, "600"),
VAR("DirPolicy", LINELIST, DirPolicy, NULL),
VAR("DirServer", LINELIST, DirServers, NULL),
VAR("ExitNodes", STRING, ExitNodes, NULL),
VAR("EntryNodes", STRING, EntryNodes, NULL),
VAR("StrictExitNodes", BOOL, StrictExitNodes, "0"),
VAR("StrictEntryNodes", BOOL, StrictEntryNodes, "0"),
VAR("ExitPolicy", LINELIST, ExitPolicy, NULL),
VAR("ExcludeNodes", STRING, ExcludeNodes, NULL),
VAR("FascistFirewall", BOOL, FascistFirewall, "0"),
VAR("FirewallPorts", CSV, FirewallPorts, NULL),
VAR("MyFamily", STRING, MyFamily, NULL),
VAR("NodeFamily", LINELIST, NodeFamilies, NULL),
VAR("Group", STRING, Group, NULL),
VAR("HttpProxy", STRING, HttpProxy, NULL),
VAR("HiddenServiceDir", LINELIST, RendConfigLines, NULL),
VAR("HiddenServicePort", LINELIST, RendConfigLines, NULL),
VAR("HiddenServiceNodes", LINELIST, RendConfigLines, NULL),
VAR("HiddenServiceExcludeNodes", LINELIST, RendConfigLines,NULL),
VAR("IgnoreVersion", BOOL, IgnoreVersion, "0"),
VAR("KeepalivePeriod", UINT, KeepalivePeriod, "300"),
VAR("LogLevel", LINELIST, LogOptions, NULL),
VAR("LogFile", LINELIST, LogOptions, NULL),
VAR("MaxConn", UINT, MaxConn),
VAR("MaxOnionsPending", UINT, MaxOnionsPending),
VAR("MonthlyAccountingStart",UINT, AccountingStart),
VAR("AccountingMaxKB", UINT, AccountingMaxKB),
VAR("Nickname", STRING, Nickname),
VAR("NewCircuitPeriod", UINT, NewCircuitPeriod),
VAR("NumCpus", UINT, NumCpus),
VAR("ORPort", UINT, ORPort),
VAR("ORBindAddress", LINELIST, ORBindAddress),
VAR("OutboundBindAddress", STRING, OutboundBindAddress),
VAR("PidFile", STRING, PidFile),
VAR("PathlenCoinWeight", DOUBLE, PathlenCoinWeight),
VAR("RedirectExit", LINELIST, RedirectExit),
VAR("MaxConn", UINT, MaxConn, "1024"),
VAR("MaxOnionsPending", UINT, MaxOnionsPending, "100"),
VAR("MonthlyAccountingStart",UINT, AccountingStart, "0"),
VAR("AccountingMaxKB", UINT, AccountingMaxKB, "0"),
VAR("Nickname", STRING, Nickname, NULL),
VAR("NewCircuitPeriod", UINT, NewCircuitPeriod, "30"),
VAR("NumCpus", UINT, NumCpus, "1"),
VAR("ORPort", UINT, ORPort, "0"),
VAR("ORBindAddress", LINELIST, ORBindAddress, NULL),
VAR("OutboundBindAddress", STRING, OutboundBindAddress, NULL),
VAR("PidFile", STRING, PidFile, NULL),
VAR("PathlenCoinWeight", DOUBLE, PathlenCoinWeight, "0.3"),
VAR("RedirectExit", LINELIST, RedirectExit, NULL),
VAR("RunAsDaemon", BOOL, RunAsDaemon),
VAR("RunTesting", BOOL, RunTesting),
VAR("RecommendedVersions", LINELIST, RecommendedVersions),
VAR("RendNodes", STRING, RendNodes),
VAR("RendExcludeNodes", STRING, RendExcludeNodes),
VAR("SocksPort", UINT, SocksPort),
VAR("SocksBindAddress", LINELIST, SocksBindAddress),
VAR("SocksPolicy", LINELIST, SocksPolicy),
VAR("SysLog", LINELIST, LogOptions),
VAR("RunAsDaemon", BOOL, RunAsDaemon, "0"),
VAR("RunTesting", BOOL, RunTesting, "0"),
VAR("RecommendedVersions", LINELIST, RecommendedVersions, NULL),
VAR("RendNodes", STRING, RendNodes, NULL),
VAR("RendExcludeNodes", STRING, RendExcludeNodes, NULL),
VAR("SocksPort", UINT, SocksPort, "0"),
VAR("SocksBindAddress", LINELIST, SocksBindAddress, NULL),
VAR("SocksPolicy", LINELIST, SocksPolicy, NULL),
VAR("SysLog", LINELIST, LogOptions, NULL),
VAR("User", STRING, User),
VAR("User", STRING, User, NULL),
#undef VAR
......@@ -589,13 +590,6 @@ static void
init_options(or_options_t *options)
options->ExitNodes = tor_strdup("");
options->EntryNodes = tor_strdup("");
options->StrictEntryNodes = options->StrictExitNodes = 0;
options->ExcludeNodes = tor_strdup("");
options->RendNodes = tor_strdup("");
options->RendExcludeNodes = tor_strdup("");
/* options->PidFile = tor_strdup(""); */
options->PathlenCoinWeight = 0.3;
options->MaxConn = 1024;
options->DirFetchPostPeriod = 600;
......@@ -745,7 +739,7 @@ getconfig(int argc, char **argv, or_options_t *options)
} else if (!strcmp(argv[i],"--list-fingerprint")) {
options->command = CMD_LIST_FINGERPRINT;
if (using_default_torrc) {
......@@ -869,11 +863,13 @@ getconfig(int argc, char **argv, or_options_t *options)
result = -1;
if (options->StrictExitNodes && !strlen(options->ExitNodes)) {
if (options->StrictExitNodes &&
(!options->ExitNodes || !strlen(options->ExitNodes))) {
log(LOG_WARN, "StrictExitNodes set, but no ExitNodes listed.");
if (options->StrictEntryNodes && !strlen(options->EntryNodes)) {
if (options->StrictEntryNodes &&
(!options->EntryNodes || !strlen(options->EntryNodes))) {
log(LOG_WARN, "StrictEntryNodes set, but no EntryNodes listed.");
......@@ -250,7 +250,7 @@ int connection_control_process_inbuf(connection_t *conn) {
log_fn(LOG_WARN, "Received client-only '%s' command; ignoring.",
send_control_error(conn, ERR_UNRECOGNIZED_TYPE,
"Command type only valid from server tor client");
"Command type only valid from server to tor client");
log_fn(LOG_WARN, "Received unrecognized command type %d; ignoring.",
......@@ -293,8 +293,9 @@ add_nickname_list_to_smartlist(smartlist_t *sl, const char *list, int warn_if_do
routerinfo_t *router;
smartlist_t *nickname_list;
return; /* nothing to do */
nickname_list = smartlist_create();
......@@ -330,8 +331,9 @@ router_nickname_is_in_list(routerinfo_t *router, const char *list)
smartlist_t *nickname_list;
int v = 0;
return 0; /* definitely not */
nickname_list = smartlist_create();
smartlist_split_string(nickname_list, list, ",",
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