Commit f4e8790c authored by Mike Perry's avatar Mike Perry
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fixup! Fix for RTT calculation hang during congestion control.

Protocol warn.
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......@@ -772,9 +772,9 @@ time_delta_stalled_or_jumped(const congestion_control_t *cc,
if (new_delta > old_delta * DELTA_DISCREPENCY_RATIO_MAX) {
static ratelim_t dec_notice_limit = RATELIM_INIT(300);
log_fn_ratelim(&dec_notice_limit, LOG_NOTICE, LD_CIRC,
log_fn_ratelim(&dec_notice_limit, LOG_PROTOCOL_WARN, LD_CIRC,
"Sudden increase in circuit RTT (%"PRIu64" vs %"PRIu64
"), likely due to clock jump.",
"), likely due to clock jump or suspended remote endpoint.",
new_delta/1000, old_delta/1000);
return true;
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