Commit f8c0f694 authored by cypherpunks's avatar cypherpunks
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app/config: reject non-UTF-8 ContactInfo

Closes ticket #27428.
parent d32b08af
o Minor bugfixes (torrc):
- Tor now validates that the ContactInfo config option is valid UTF-8
when parsing torrc. Fixes bug 27428; bugfix on 0.0.8pre1.
......@@ -3381,6 +3381,9 @@ options_validate(or_options_t *old_options, or_options_t *options,
log_notice(LD_CONFIG, "Your ContactInfo config option is not set. "
"Please consider setting it, so we can contact you if your server is "
"misconfigured or something else goes wrong.");
const char *ContactInfo = options->ContactInfo;
if (ContactInfo && !string_is_utf8(ContactInfo, strlen(ContactInfo)))
REJECT("ContactInfo config option must be UTF-8.");
/* Special case on first boot if no Log options are given. */
if (!options->Logs && !options->RunAsDaemon && !from_setconf) {
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