1. 20 Oct, 2010 3 commits
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      Remove redundant -Wpointer-sign CFLAG · 4f0badf9
      Sebastian Hahn authored
      -Wpointer-sign is implied with -Wall, which we use when building with
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      Remove redundant -Wformat -Wformat-security CFLAGS · 12d675a8
      Sebastian Hahn authored
      When configuring with --enable-gcc-warnings, we use -Wformat=2 which
      automatically enables the available -Wformat switches, so adding them
      again in the --enable-gcc-hardening case doesn't make sense..
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      Use ssp-buffer-size param when hardening · cee4dc61
      Sebastian Hahn authored
      We used to enable ssp-buffer-size=1 only when building with
      --enable-gcc-warnings. That would result in warnings (and no
      protection for small arrays) when building with
      --enable-gcc-hardening without enabling warnings, too. Fixes bug
      Also remove an XXX: We now allow to build with -fstack-protector
      by using --enable-gcc-hardening.
  2. 11 Oct, 2010 2 commits
  3. 04 Oct, 2010 7 commits
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  5. 30 Sep, 2010 11 commits
  6. 29 Sep, 2010 9 commits