1. 15 Jul, 2002 1 commit
  2. 12 Jul, 2002 4 commits
  3. 11 Jul, 2002 3 commits
  4. 10 Jul, 2002 7 commits
  5. 09 Jul, 2002 2 commits
  6. 08 Jul, 2002 1 commit
    • Roger Dingledine's avatar
      put in the support for 'router twins' · 0a3da3ae
      Roger Dingledine authored
      basically, a twin is a router which is different except it shares
      the same keypair. so in cases where we want to find a "next router"
      and all we really care is that it can decrypt the next onion layer,
      then a twin is just as good.
      we still need to decide how to mark twins in the routerinfo_t and in
      the routers config file.
  7. 05 Jul, 2002 1 commit
  8. 03 Jul, 2002 4 commits
  9. 02 Jul, 2002 7 commits
  10. 30 Jun, 2002 1 commit
  11. 29 Jun, 2002 5 commits
    • Felipe Bergo's avatar
      added some header checks · e6f67fb1
      Felipe Bergo authored
    • Roger Dingledine's avatar
      ./autogen.sh runs auto* and then ./configure · dcc9fa86
      Roger Dingledine authored
      It should be all you need to do to get working Makefiles on your
      platform, whatever your platform is. :)
      Let me know if it doesn't generate Makefiles for you. There will still
      be some bugs to work out in detecting openssl correctly, in checking for
      only the right header files, etc. But we're on our way.
    • Roger Dingledine's avatar
      More cleanup. Thanks for your help, Felipe. · 35f90b78
      Roger Dingledine authored
    • Felipe Bergo's avatar
      added acconfig.h to fix incompatibility · de76e4b9
      Felipe Bergo authored
    • Roger Dingledine's avatar
      First cut at cleaning out a lot of the extra stuff. · bd627daa
      Roger Dingledine authored
      The summary here is that I'm requiring all developers to have
      auto* (aclocal, autoconf, automake) installed on their machine.
      Since different versions of auto* generate vastly different output,
      I'm going to leave its output out of the repository. This means that
      whenever you check out a repository, you need to run auto* to generate
      a configure file, then run ./configure to get a Makefile, then build.
      If you don't have auto* and can't get it, let me know (and I'll try to
      convince you to develop on moria).
      The benefit here is that while developers have a bit more work to keep
      things straight, we can build snapshots that will install just about
      anywhere (once we make configure.in work, that is ;)
  12. 28 Jun, 2002 4 commits