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    • Roger Dingledine's avatar
      Allow 0.2.3.x clients to use 0.2.2.x bridges. · a0f08977
      Roger Dingledine authored
      Previously the client would ask the bridge for microdescriptors, which are
      only supported in 0.2.3.x and later, and then fail to bootstrap when it
      didn't get the answers it wanted. Fixes bug 4013; bugfix on
      The fix here is to revert to using normal descriptors if any of our
      bridges are known to not support microdescs. This is not ideal, a) because
      we'll start downloading a microdesc consensus as soon as we get a bridge
      descriptor, and that will waste time if we later get a bridge descriptor
      that tells us we don't like microdescriptors; and b) by changing our mind
      we're leaking to our other bridges that we have an old-version bridge.
      The alternate fix would have been to change
      we_use_microdescriptors_for_circuits() to ask if *any* of our bridges
      can support microdescriptors, and then change the directory logic that
      picks a bridge to only select from those that do. For people living in
      the future, where 0.2.2.x is obsolete, there won't be a difference.
      Note that in either of these potential fixes, we have risk of oscillation
      if our one funny-looking bridges goes away / comes back.
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    • Sebastian Hahn's avatar
      Use dead_strip to reduce binary size on OS X · 1f5c5624
      Sebastian Hahn authored
      This option seems to be supported all the way back to at least 10.4, so
      enabling it for OS X in general should be fine. If not, someone will
      With no libs statically linked, that's a 3% win in binary size, with
      just libevent linked statically, this gives us an advantage of 5% in
      terms of binary size, and with libevent and openssl statically linked,
      we gain over 18% or over 500KB.
      Implements ticket 2915.
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