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    • George Kadianakis's avatar
      Don't double hash the ed25519 blind key parameter. · 4ad4467f
      George Kadianakis authored and Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson committed
      We used to do:
         h = H(BLIND_STRING | H(A | s | B | N )
      when we should be doing:
         h = H(BLIND_STRING | A | s | B | N)
      Change the logic so that hs_common.c does the hashing, and our ed25519
      libraries just receive the hashed parameter ready-made. That's easier
      than doing the hashing on the ed25519 libraries, since that means we
      would have to pass them a variable-length param (depending on whether
      's' is set or not).
      Also fix the ed25519 test vectors since they were also double hashing.
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    • Yawning Angel's avatar
      Add Curve25519->Ed25519 support to ed25519-donna (Not yet used). · be113f0b
      Yawning Angel authored
      This needs to be done to allow for the possibility of removing the
      ref10 code at a later date, though it is not performance critical.
      When integrated by kludging it into tor, it passes unit tests, and is
      twice as fast.
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      Add blinding support to ed25519-donna (Not yet used). · b7aa3074
      Yawning Angel authored
      Integrating it the "wrong" way into common/crypto_ed25519.c passes
      `make check`, and there appear to be some known answer tests for this,
      so I assume I got it right.
      Blinding a public key goes from 139.10 usec to 70.78 usec using
      ed25519-donna (NB: Turboboost/phase of moon), though the code isn't
      critical path, so supporting it is mostly done for completeness.
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      Integrate ed25519-donna (Not yet used). · 0f3eeca9
      Yawning Angel authored
      Integrate ed25519-donna into the build process, and provide an
      interface that matches the `ref10` code.  Apart from the blinding and
      Curve25519 key conversion, this functions as a drop-in replacement for
      ref10 (verified by modifying crypto_ed25519.c).
      Tests pass, and the benchmarks claim it is quite a bit faster, however
      actually using the code requires additional integration work.