1. 16 Jul, 2018 2 commits
    • juga's avatar
      Add the Bandwidth List file headers to votes · e5dd46be
      juga authored
      * add bwlist_headers argument to dirserv_read_measured_bandwidth
        in order to store all the headers found when parsing the file
      * add bwlist_headers to networkstatus_t in order to store the
        the headers found by the previous function
      * include the bandwidth headers as string in vote documents
      * add test to check that dirserv_read_measured_bandwidth generates
        the bwlist_headers
    • Nick Mathewson's avatar
      Avoid a use-after-null-check in proto_socks.c · 8505522e
      Nick Mathewson authored
      Coverity rightly complains that early in the function we're checking
      whether username is NULL, and later we're passing it unconditionally
      to strlen().
      Fixes CID 1437967.  Bug not in any released Tor.
  2. 15 Jul, 2018 1 commit
  3. 13 Jul, 2018 4 commits
  4. 12 Jul, 2018 33 commits