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......@@ -3,6 +3,48 @@ This document summarizes new features and bugfixes in each stable release
of Tor. If you want to see more detailed descriptions of the changes in
each development snapshot, see the ChangeLog file.
Changes in version - 2010-05-02
Tor addresses the recent connection and memory overload
problems we've been seeing on relays, especially relays with their
DirPort open. If your relay has been crashing, or you turned it off
because it used too many resources, give this release a try.
This release also fixes yet another instance of broken OpenSSL libraries
that was causing some relays to drop out of the consensus.
o Major bugfixes:
- Teach relays to defend themselves from connection overload. Relays
now close idle circuits early if it looks like they were intended
for directory fetches. Relays are also more aggressive about closing
TLS connections that have no circuits on them. Such circuits are
unlikely to be re-used, and tens of thousands of them were piling
up at the fast relays, causing the relays to run out of sockets
and memory. Bugfix on (where clients started tunneling
their directory fetches over TLS).
- Fix SSL renegotiation behavior on OpenSSL versions like on Centos
that claim to be earlier than 0.9.8m, but which have in reality
backported huge swaths of 0.9.8m or 0.9.8n renegotiation
behavior. Possible fix for some cases of bug 1346.
- Directory mirrors were fetching relay descriptors only from v2
directory authorities, rather than v3 authorities like they should.
Only 2 v2 authorities remain (compared to 7 v3 authorities), leading
to a serious bottleneck. Bugfix on Fixes bug 1324.
o Minor bugfixes:
- Finally get rid of the deprecated and now harmful notion of "clique
mode", where directory authorities maintain TLS connections to
every other relay.
o Testsuite fixes:
- In the util/threads test, no longer free the test_mutex before all
worker threads have finished. Bugfix on
- The master thread could starve the worker threads quite badly on
certain systems, causing them to run only partially in the allowed
window. This resulted in test failures. Now the master thread sleeps
occasionally for a few microseconds while the two worker-threads
compete for the mutex. Bugfix on
Changes in version - 2010-03-16
Tor fixes a regression introduced in that could
prevent relays from guessing their IP address correctly. It also fixes
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