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fixup! Implement functionality to construct signed Ed25519 certs.

Oops, have to make all the builder() attrs conditional.
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......@@ -191,7 +191,7 @@ caret_int! {
pub struct Ed25519Cert {
/// How many _hours_ after the epoch will this certificate expire?
#[cfg_attr(feature = "encode", builder(setter(custom)))]
exp_hours: u32,
/// Type of the certificate; recognized values are in certtype::*
cert_type: CertType,
......@@ -199,14 +199,14 @@ pub struct Ed25519Cert {
cert_key: CertifiedKey,
/// A list of extensions.
#[cfg_attr(feature = "encode", builder(setter(custom)))]
extensions: Vec<CertExt>,
/// The key that signed this cert.
/// Once the cert has been unwrapped from an KeyUnknownCert, this field will
/// be set. If there is a `SignedWithEd25519` extension in
/// `self.extensions`, this will match it.
#[cfg_attr(feature = "encode", builder(setter(custom)))]
signed_with: Option<ed25519::PublicKey>,
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