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Contributing to Tor

### Getting started


We have a bunch of documentation about how to develop Tor in the
doc/HACKING/ directory.  We recommend that you start with
doc/HACKING/ , and then go from there.  It will tell
you how to find your way around the source code, how to get
involved with the Tor community, how to write patches, and much

You don't have to be a C developer to help with Tor: have a look
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at !
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The Tor Project is committed to fostering a inclusive community
where people feel safe to engage, share their points of view, and
participate. For the latest version of our Code of Conduct, please

### License issues

Tor is distributed under the license terms in the LICENSE -- in
brief, the "3-clause BSD license".  If you send us code to
distribute with Tor, it needs to be code that we can distribute
under those terms.  Please don't send us patches unless you agree
to allow this.

Some compatible licenses include:

  - 3-clause BSD
  - 2-clause BSD
  - CC0 Public Domain Dedication