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    test/relay: add a missing typedef · 031ed59d
    teor authored
    In 0.3.4 and later, these functions are declared in rephist.h:
    STATIC uint64_t find_largest_max(bw_array_t *b);
    STATIC void commit_max(bw_array_t *b);
    STATIC void advance_obs(bw_array_t *b);
    But in 0.2.9, they are declared in rephist.c and test_relay.c.
    So compilers fail with a "must use 'struct' tag" error.
    We add the missing struct typedef in test_relay.c, to match the
    declarations in rephist.c.
    (Merge commit 813019cc moves these functions into rephist.h instead.)
    Fixes bug 30184; not in any released version of Tor.
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