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Commit 0b74f642 authored by Roger Dingledine's avatar Roger Dingledine
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Merge branch 'maint-0.2.1' into release-0.2.1

parents 887bddb7 1db1b23a
- Feature removal:
- When sending or relaying a RELAY_EARLY cell, we used to convert
it to a RELAY cell if the connection was using the v1 link
protocol. This was a workaround for older versions of Tor, which
didn't handle RELAY_EARLY cells properly. Now that all supported
versions can handle RELAY_EARLY cells, and now that we're
enforcing the "no RELAY_EXTEND commands except in RELAY_EARLY
cells" rule, we're removing this workaround. Addresses bug 4786.
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......@@ -1858,10 +1858,6 @@ append_cell_to_circuit_queue(circuit_t *circ, or_connection_t *orconn,
queue = &orcirc->p_conn_cells;
streams_blocked = circ->streams_blocked_on_p_conn;
if (cell->command == CELL_RELAY_EARLY && orconn->link_proto < 2) {
/* V1 connections don't understand RELAY_EARLY. */
cell->command = CELL_RELAY;
cell_queue_append_packed_copy(queue, cell);
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