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config: Add interface address debug logging

Add logging for "the local network interface addresses" as requested by
ticket #32888.
parent 7640a956
......@@ -1693,12 +1693,20 @@ get_interface_address6,(int severity, sa_family_t family, tor_addr_t *addr))
/* Find the first non-internal address, or the last internal address
* Ideally, we want the default route, see #12377 for details */
SMARTLIST_FOREACH_BEGIN(addrs, tor_addr_t *, a) {
char *addr_str;
int is_internal;
tor_addr_copy(addr, a);
is_internal = tor_addr_is_internal(a, 0);
rv = 0;
addr_str = tor_addr_to_str_dup(addr);
log_debug(LD_NET, "Found %s interface address '%s'",
(is_internal ? "internal" : "external"), addr_str);
/* If we found a non-internal address, declare success. Otherwise,
* keep looking. */
if (!tor_addr_is_internal(a, 0))
if (!is_internal)
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