Commit 1a11702a authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson 🏃
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Fix a compiler warning in aes.c.

Apparently some freebsd compilers can't tell that 'c' will never
be used uninitialized.

Fixes bug 28413; bugfix on when we added support for
longer AES keys to this function.
parent 46796623
o Minor bugfixes (compilation):
- Initialize a variable in aes_new_cipher(), since some compilers
cannot tell that we always initialize it before use. Fixes bug 28413;
bugfix on
......@@ -99,12 +99,12 @@ aes_cnt_cipher_t *
aes_new_cipher(const uint8_t *key, const uint8_t *iv, int key_bits)
const EVP_CIPHER *c;
const EVP_CIPHER *c = NULL;
switch (key_bits) {
case 128: c = EVP_aes_128_ctr(); break;
case 192: c = EVP_aes_192_ctr(); break;
case 256: c = EVP_aes_256_ctr(); break;
default: tor_assert(0); // LCOV_EXCL_LINE
default: tor_assert_unreached(); // LCOV_EXCL_LINE
EVP_EncryptInit(cipher, c, key, iv);
return (aes_cnt_cipher_t *) cipher;
......@@ -402,4 +402,3 @@ aes_set_iv(aes_cnt_cipher_t *cipher, const uint8_t *iv)
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