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Merge remote-tracking branch 'tor-github/pr/792' into maint-0.2.9

parents ec213ae8 add0f89c
o Minor bugfixes (single onion services):
- Allow connections to single onion services to remain idle without
being disconnected. Relays acting as rendezvous points for
single onion services were mistakenly closing idle established
rendezvous circuits after 60 seconds, thinking that they are unused
directory-fetching circuits that had served their purpose. Fixes
bug 29665; bugfix on
......@@ -1379,10 +1379,13 @@ circuit_expire_old_circuits_serverside(time_t now)
or_circ = TO_OR_CIRCUIT(circ);
/* If the circuit has been idle for too long, and there are no streams
* on it, and it ends here, and it used a create_fast, mark it for close.
* Also if there is a rend_splice on it, it's a single onion service
* circuit and we should not close it.
if (or_circ->is_first_hop && !circ->n_chan &&
!or_circ->n_streams && !or_circ->resolving_streams &&
or_circ->p_chan &&
or_circ->p_chan && !or_circ->rend_splice &&
channel_when_last_xmit(or_circ->p_chan) <= cutoff) {
log_info(LD_CIRC, "Closing circ_id %u (empty %d secs ago)",
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