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Commit 3d0e1c42 authored by Miguel Jacq's avatar Miguel Jacq Committed by David Goulet
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Consistently use 'address' in Invalid v3 address responses to ONION_CLIENT_AUTH commands

parent 93d582b8
o Minor bugfix (control port, onion service):
- Consistently use 'address' in "Invalid v3 address" response to
ONION_CLIENT_AUTH commands. Fixes bug 40005; bugfix on
......@@ -291,7 +291,8 @@ handle_control_onion_client_auth_view(control_connection_t *conn,
if (argc >= 1) {
hsaddress = smartlist_get(args->args, 0);
if (!hs_address_is_valid(hsaddress)) {
control_printf_endreply(conn, 512, "Invalid v3 addr \"%s\"", hsaddress);
control_printf_endreply(conn, 512, "Invalid v3 address \"%s\"",
goto err;
......@@ -393,7 +393,7 @@ test_hs_control_good_onion_client_auth_add(void *arg)
retval = handle_control_command(&conn, (uint32_t) strlen(args), args);
tt_int_op(retval, OP_EQ, 0);
cp1 = buf_get_contents(TO_CONN(&conn)->outbuf, &sz);
tt_str_op(cp1, OP_EQ, "512 Invalid v3 addr \"house\"\r\n");
tt_str_op(cp1, OP_EQ, "512 Invalid v3 address \"house\"\r\n");
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