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Try using make -k in the Appveyor configuration

Frequently, when a patch fails, it has failures in several files.
Using the "-k" flag will let us learn all the compilation errors,
not just the first one that the compiler hits.

Based on a patch by rl1987.

Closes ticket 31372.
parent 02840169
......@@ -83,8 +83,8 @@ build_script:
# configure its flags. liblzma just works.
Execute-Bash "ZSTD_CFLAGS='-L/${env:compiler_path}/include' ZSTD_LIBS='-L/${env:compiler_path}/lib -lzstd' ../configure --prefix=/${env:compiler_path} --build=${env:target} --host=${env:target} --with-openssl-dir=/${env:compiler_path} --disable-asciidoc --enable-fatal-warnings ${env:hardening}"
Execute-Bash "V=1 make -j2"
Execute-Bash "V=1 make -j2 install"
Execute-Bash "V=1 make -k -j2"
Execute-Bash "V=1 make -k -j2 install"
......@@ -95,7 +95,7 @@ test_script:
$buildpath = @("C:\msys64\${env:compiler_path}\bin") + $oldpath
$env:Path = $buildpath -join ';'
Set-Location "${env:build}"
Execute-Bash "VERBOSE=1 make -j2 check"
Execute-Bash "VERBOSE=1 make -k -j2 check"
o Minor features (continuous integration):
- When building on Appveyor, pass the "-k" flag to make, so that
we are informed of all compilation failures, not just the first
one or two. Closes part of ticket 31372.
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