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fp.c: Suppress float-conversion warnings on FreeBSD.

We used to do this on Windows only, but it appears to affect
multiple platforms when building with certain versions of GCC, and a
common pattern for defining the floating-point classifier functions.

Fixes part of 31687. I'm calling this a bugfux on 31687, when we
started suppressing these warnings on Windows.
parent 04618371
o Minor bugfixes (compilation):
- Suppress spurious float-conversion warnings from GCC when calling
floating-point classifier functions on FreeBSD. Fixes part of bug
31687; bugfix on
......@@ -62,12 +62,16 @@ clamp_double_to_int64(double number)
int exponent;
#if defined(MINGW_ANY) && GCC_VERSION >= 409
#if (defined(MINGW_ANY)||defined(__FreeBSD__)) && GCC_VERSION >= 409
Mingw's math.h uses gcc's __builtin_choose_expr() facility to declare
isnan, isfinite, and signbit. But as implemented in at least some
versions of gcc, __builtin_choose_expr() can generate type warnings
even from branches that are not taken. So, suppress those warnings.
FreeBSD's math.h uses an __fp_type_select() macro, which dispatches
based on sizeof -- again, this can generate type warnings from
branches that are not taken.
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