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Commit 52edea12 authored by George Kadianakis's avatar George Kadianakis

Fold in a changes file and update exceptions.txt.

Co-authored-by: Jaym's avatarFlorentin Rochet <>
parent 755b8252
o Major features (Proposal 310, performance + security):
- Implements Proposal 310 - Bandaid on guard selection.
Proposal 310 solves a load-balancing issue within Prop271 which strongly
impact experimental research with Shadow.
Security improvement: Proposal 310 prevents any newly Guard relay to
have a chance to get into the primary list of older Tor clients,
except if the N first sampled guards of these clients are unreachable.
Implements recommendation from 32088.
Proposal 310 is linked to the CLAPS project researching optimal
client location-aware path selections. This project is a collaboration
between the UCLouvain Crypto Group, the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory and
Princeton University.
......@@ -182,10 +182,10 @@ problem function-size /src/feature/client/addressmap.c:addressmap_rewrite() 109
problem function-size /src/feature/client/bridges.c:rewrite_node_address_for_bridge() 125
problem function-size /src/feature/client/circpathbias.c:pathbias_measure_close_rate() 108
problem function-size /src/feature/client/dnsserv.c:evdns_server_callback() 153
problem file-size /src/feature/client/entrynodes.c 3827
problem file-size /src/feature/client/entrynodes.c 4000
problem function-size /src/feature/client/entrynodes.c:entry_guards_upgrade_waiting_circuits() 155
problem function-size /src/feature/client/entrynodes.c:entry_guard_parse_from_state() 246
problem file-size /src/feature/client/entrynodes.h 639
problem file-size /src/feature/client/entrynodes.h 700
problem function-size /src/feature/client/transports.c:handle_proxy_line() 108
problem function-size /src/feature/client/transports.c:parse_method_line_helper() 110
problem function-size /src/feature/client/transports.c:create_managed_proxy_environment() 111
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