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Document __OwningControllerProcess torrc option and mention polling interval

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o Documentation (manpage):
- Document __OwningControllerProcess torrc option and specify polling
interval. Resolves issue 32971.
......@@ -760,6 +760,11 @@ forward slash (/) in the configuration file and on the command line.
This setting will be ignored for connections to the loopback
addresses ( and ::1).
[[OwningControllerProcess]] **$$__$$OwningControllerProcess** __PID__::
Make Tor instance periodically check for presence of a controller process
with given PID and terminate itself if this process is no longer alive.
Polling interval is 15 seconds.
[[PerConnBWBurst]] **PerConnBWBurst** __N__ **bytes**|**KBytes**|**MBytes**|**GBytes**|**TBytes**|**KBits**|**MBits**|**GBits**|**TBits**::
If this option is set manually, or via the "perconnbwburst" consensus
field, Tor will use it for separate rate limiting for each connection
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