Commit c4fb3bfe authored by Damon Harris's avatar Damon Harris
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Add support for console control signals in Windows

parent b7a16522
o Minor features (windows):
- Add support for console control signals like Ctrl+C in Windows
Closes ticket 34211. Patch from Damon Harris (TheDcoder).
......@@ -294,6 +294,19 @@ process_signal(int sig)
#ifdef _WIN32
/** Activate SIGINT on reciving a control signal in console */
process_win32_console_ctrl(DWORD ctrl_type)
/* Ignore type of the ctrl signal */
(void) ctrl_type;
return TRUE;
* Write current memory usage information to the log.
......@@ -496,6 +509,13 @@ handle_signals(void)
#ifdef _WIN32
/* Windows lacks traditional POSIX signals but WinAPI provides a function
* to handle control signals like Ctrl+C in the console, we can use this to
* simulate the SIGINT signal */
if (enabled) SetConsoleCtrlHandler(process_win32_console_ctrl, TRUE);
/* Cause the signal handler for signal_num to be called in the event loop. */
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