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Add documentation about %include and seccomp sandbox limitations

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o Documentation:
- Correctly document that we search for a system torrc file before
Document the limitations of using %include on config files with
seccomp sandbox enabled. No new files can be added to the
%included directories. Fixes documentation bug 34133; bugfix
on Patch by Daniel Pinto.
......@@ -211,6 +211,8 @@ file will be parsed as if they were written where the %include option is. If
the path is a folder, all files on that folder will be parsed following lexical
order. Files starting with a dot are ignored. Files on subfolders are ignored.
The %include option can be used recursively.
New configuration files or directories cannot be added to already running Tor
instance if **Sandbox** is enabled.
By default, an option on the command line overrides an option found in the
configuration file, and an option in a configuration file overrides one in
......@@ -855,6 +857,10 @@ forward slash (/) in the configuration file and on the command line.
and **ORPort** are not allowed). Currently, if **Sandbox** is 1,
**ControlPort** command "GETINFO address" will not work. +
When using %include in the tor configuration files, reloading the tor
configuration is not supported after adding new configuration files or
directories. +
(Default: 0)
[[Schedulers]] **Schedulers** **KIST**|**KISTLite**|**Vanilla**::
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