Commit cd6cb453 authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson 🐻
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Restore proper behavior of netinfo skew check

My previous fix removed a comparison, which would have caused us to
warn about every skew instead of skews of over an hour.
parent 0849d2a2
......@@ -1721,7 +1721,7 @@ channel_tls_process_netinfo_cell(cell_t *cell, channel_tls_t *chan)
/* Act on apparent skew. */
/** Warn when we get a netinfo skew with at least this value. */
if (time_abs(apparent_skew) &&
if (time_abs(apparent_skew) > NETINFO_NOTICE_SKEW &&
router_get_by_id_digest(chan->conn->identity_digest)) {
int trusted = router_digest_is_trusted_dir(chan->conn->identity_digest);
clock_skew_warning(TO_CONN(chan->conn), apparent_skew, trusted, LD_GENERAL,
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