Commit cec647ff authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson 🐛
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Merge branch 'trove_2020_004_041_v2' into maint-0.4.1

parents 5f4e14b8 78bcfc12
o Major bugfixes (circuit padding, memory leaks):
- Avoid a remotely triggered memory leak in the case that a circuit
padding machine is somehow negotiated twice on the same circuit. Fixes
bug 33619; bugfix on Found by Tobias Pulls. This is
also tracked as TROVE-2020-004.
......@@ -2381,9 +2381,12 @@ circpad_setup_machine_on_circ(circuit_t *on_circ,
== NULL);
tor_assert_nonfatal(on_circ->padding_info[machine->machine_index] == NULL);
IF_BUG_ONCE(on_circ->padding_machine[machine->machine_index] != NULL) {
IF_BUG_ONCE(on_circ->padding_info[machine->machine_index] != NULL) {
/* Log message */
if (CIRCUIT_IS_ORIGIN(on_circ)) {
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