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maint-0.2.9: remove changes files that are merged in 0.2.9 releases

Many of these files cause check-changes to fail, which will be a
long-term problem as we continue to support 0.2.9.
parent 89a0b777
o Minor bugfixes (unit tests):
- Fix tolerances in unit tests for monotonic time comparisons between
nanoseconds and microseconds. Previously, we accepted a 10 us
difference only, which is not realistic on every platform's
clock_gettime(). Fixes bug 19974; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (testing):
- Use ECDHE ciphers instead of ECDH in tortls tests. LibreSSL has
removed the ECDH ciphers which caused the tests to fail on
platforms which use it. Fixes bug 20460; bugfix on
o Minor bugfix (build):
- The current Git revision when building from a local repository is now
detected correctly when using git worktrees. Fixes bug 20492; bugfix on
o Minor features (portability, compilationc)
- Support building with recent LibreSSL code that uses opaque
structures. Closes ticket 21359.
- Autoconf now check to determine if OpenSSL
structures are opaque, instead of explicitly checking for
OpenSSL version numbers.
Part of ticket 21359.
o Minor features (directory authority):
- Add an IPv6 address for the "bastet" directory authority.
Closes ticket 24394.
o Minor bugfixes (compilation):
- Avoid compiler warnings in the unit tests for running tor_sscanf()
with wide string outputs. Fixes bug 15582; bugfix on
o Major bugfixes (linux TPROXY support):
- Fix a typo that had prevented TPROXY-based transparent proxying from
working under Linux. Fixes bug 18100; bugfix on
Patch from "d4fq0fQAgoJ".
o Minor features (bridge):
- Bridges now include notice in their descriptors that they are bridges,
and notice of their distribution status, based on their publication
settings. Implements ticket 18329. For more fine-grained control of
how a bridge is distributed, upgrade to 0.3.2.x or later.
o Major bugfixes (DNS):
- Fix a bug that prevented exit nodes from caching DNS records for more
than 60 seconds.
Fixes bug 19025; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (DNSPort):
- On DNSPort, stop logging a BUG warning on a failed hostname lookup.
Fixes bug 19869; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (logging):
- Downgrade a harmless log message about the pending_entry_connections
list from "warn" to "info". Mitigates bug 19926.
o Minor bugfixes (netbsd, unit tests):
- Stop expecting NetBSD unit tests to report success for ipfw;
on NetBSD, it's only pf that's supported.
Part of a fix for bug 19960; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (relay):
- Do not try to parallelize workers more than 16x without the
user explicitly configuring us to do so, even if we do detect more than
16 CPU cores. Fixes bug 19968; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (testing):
- Avoid a unit test failure on systems with over 16 detectable
CPU cores. Fixes bug 19968; bugfix on
o Major bugfixes (client performance):
- Clients now respond to new application stream requests when
they arrive, rather than waiting up to one second before starting
to handle them. Fixes part of bug 19969; bugfix on
o Major bugfixes (clients on flaky network connections):
- When Tor leaves standby because of a new application request, open
circuits as needed to serve that request. Previously, we would
potentially wait a very long time. Fixes part of bug 19969; bugfix
o Minor bugfixes (relay):
- Avoid a double-marked-circuit warning that can happen when we receive
DESTROY cells under heavy load. Fixes bug 20059; bugfix on
o Documentation:
- Correct the minimum bandwidth value in torrc.sample, and queue a
corresponding change for torrc.minimal. Closes ticket 20085.
o Minor features (compatibility):
- Work around a bug in the OSX 10.12 SDK that would prevent us
from successfully targetting earlier versions of OSX.
Resolves ticket 20235.
o Minor bugfixes (linux seccomp2 sandbox):
- Avoid a sandbox failure when trying to re-bind to a socket and mark
it as IPv6-only. Fixes bug 20247; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (fascistfirewall):
- Avoid spurious warnings when ReachableAddresses or FascistFirewall
is set. Fixes bug 20306; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (circuit, hidden service)
- When closing a circuit, the reason for doing so was assigned from an int
value to a uint16_t which is quite a problem for negative values that are
our internal reasons (ex: END_CIRC_REASON_IP_NOW_REDUNDANT). On the HS
side, this was causing introduction points to be flagged as unusable
because the reason wasn't the right one due to the bad conversion.
Partially fixes bug 21056 and fixes bug 20307; Bugfix on
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