1. 10 Sep, 2018 6 commits
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      Defer reporting directory bootstrap progress · 61716089
      Taylor Yu authored
      Existing cached directory information can cause misleadingly high
      bootstrap percentages.  To improve user experience, defer reporting of
      directory information progress until at least one connection has
      succeeded to a relay or bridge.
      Closes ticket 27169.
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      Track bootstrap phase independently of progress · 687bf3ea
      Taylor Yu authored
      Track bootstrap phase (enumerated by bootstrap_status_t) independently
      from the bootstrap progress (which can represent intermediate
      progress).  This allows control_event_bootstrap_problem() to avoid
      doing a linear search through the bootstrap progress space to find the
      current bootstrap phase.
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      Refactor control_event_bootstrap_core() more · 5733d3f7
      Taylor Yu authored
      Eliminate a few conditional expressions in
      control_event_bootstrap_core() by overwriting the status parameter.
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      Refactor control_event_bootstrap() somewhat · 15c24d66
      Taylor Yu authored
      Move the mostly-invariant part of control_event_boostrap() into a
      helper control_event_bootstrap_core().  The helper doesn't modify any
      state beyond doing logging and control port notifications.
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      Deindent much of control_event_bootstrap · e2988e04
      Taylor Yu authored
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      Make control_event_bootstrap() return void · eee62e13
      Taylor Yu authored
      Simplify control_event_bootstrap() by making it return void again.  It
      is currently a fairly complicated function, and it's made more
      complicated by returning an int to signal whether it logged at NOTICE
      or INFO.
      The callers conditionally log messages at level NOTICE based on this
      return value.  Change the callers to unconditionally log their verbose
      human-readable messages at level INFO to keep NOTICE logs less
      This partially reverts the changes of #14950.
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  6. 05 Jul, 2018 3 commits
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      Fix every include path changed in the previous commit (automated) · ef486e3c
      Nick Mathewson authored
      I am very glad to have written this script.
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      Move literally everything out of src/or · 63b4ea22
      Nick Mathewson authored
      This commit won't build yet -- it just puts everything in a slightly
      more logical place.
      The reasoning here is that "src/core" will hold the stuff that every (or
      nearly every) tor instance will need in order to do onion routing.
      Other features (including some necessary ones) will live in
      "src/feature".  The "src/app" directory will hold the stuff needed
      to have Tor be an application you can actually run.
      This commit DOES NOT refactor the former contents of src/or into a
      logical set of acyclic libraries, or change any code at all.  That
      will have to come in the future.
      We will continue to move things around and split them in the future,
      but I hope this lays a reasonable groundwork for doing so.
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