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    • Alexander Færøy's avatar
      Use ((x + 7) >> 3) instead of (x >> 3) when converting from bits to bytes. · 7b2d1070
      Alexander Færøy authored
      This patch changes our bits-to-bytes conversion logic in the NSS
      implementation of `tor_tls_cert_matches_key()` from using (x >> 3) to
      ((x + 7) >> 3) since DER bit-strings are allowed to contain a number of
      bits that is not a multiple of 8.
      Additionally, we add a comment on why we cannot use the
      `DER_ConvertBitString()` macro from NSS, as we would potentially apply
      the bits-to-bytes conversion logic twice, which would lead to an
      insignificant amount of bytes being compared in
      `SECITEM_ItemsAreEqual()` and thus turn the logic into being a
      prefix match instead of a full match.
      The `DER_ConvertBitString()` macro is defined in NSS as:
          ** Macro to convert der decoded bit string into a decoded octet
          ** string. All it needs to do is fiddle with the length code.
          #define DER_ConvertBitString(item)            \
              {                                         \
                  (item)->len = ((item)->len + 7) >> 3; \
      Thanks to Taylor Yu for spotting this problem.
      This patch is part of the fix for TROVE-2020-001.
    • Alexander Færøy's avatar
      Add constness to length variables in `tor_tls_cert_matches_key`. · 06f1e959
      Alexander Færøy authored
      We add constness to `peer_info_orig_len` and `cert_info_orig_len` in
      `tor_tls_cert_matches_key` to ensure that we don't accidentally alter
      the variables.
      This patch is part of the fix for TROVE-2020-001.
    • Alexander Færøy's avatar
      Fix out-of-bound memory read in `tor_tls_cert_matches_key()` for NSS. · b46984e9
      Alexander Færøy authored
      This patch fixes an out-of-bound memory read in
      `tor_tls_cert_matches_key()` when Tor is compiled to use Mozilla's NSS
      instead of OpenSSL.
      The NSS library stores some length fields in bits instead of bytes, but
      the comparison function found in `SECITEM_ItemsAreEqual()` needs the
      length to be encoded in bytes. This means that for a 140-byte,
      DER-encoded, SubjectPublicKeyInfo struct (with a 1024-bit RSA public key
      in it), we would ask `SECITEM_ItemsAreEqual()` to compare the first 1120
      bytes instead of 140 (140bytes * 8bits = 1120bits).
      This patch fixes the issue by converting from bits to bytes before
      calling `SECITEM_ItemsAreEqual()` and convert the `len`-fields back to
      bits before we leave the function.
      This patch is part of the fix for TROVE-2020-001.
    • Alexander Færøy's avatar
      Run `tor_tls_cert_matches_key()` Test Suite with both OpenSSL and NSS. · 33e1c2e6
      Alexander Færøy authored
      This patch lifts the `tor_tls_cert_matches_key()` tests out of the
      OpenSSL specific TLS test suite and moves it into the generic TLS test
      suite that is executed for both OpenSSL and NSS.
      This patch is largely a code movement, but we had to rewrite parts of
      the test to avoid using OpenSSL specific data-types (such as `X509 *`)
      and replace it with the generic Tor abstraction type
      (`tor_x509_cert_impl_t *`).
      This patch is part of the fix for TROVE-2020-001.
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    • Roger Dingledine's avatar
      Preemptive circs should work with UseEntryGuards 0 · 39f2411b
      Roger Dingledine authored
      Resume being willing to use preemptively-built circuits when
      UseEntryGuards is set to 0. We accidentally disabled this feature with
      that config setting (in our fix for #24469), leading to slower load times.
      Fixes bug 34303; bugfix on
  18. 15 May, 2020 1 commit