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title: AI and Human Rights Forum: Censorship Dialogues
author: alsmith
start_date: 2022-04-29
end_date: 2022-04-29
At the AI and Human Rights Forum, join Tor for 'Censorship Dialogues' on April 29, 2:00pm Eastern / 18:00 UTC. Isabela Bagueros, the Tor Project's Executive Director will be joined by Dmitri Vitaliev (eQualitie), John Todd (Quad9), and Mallory Knodel (Center for Democracy & Technology).
In this event, the panel will discuss:
1. What do the rigid anti-censorship and anti-surveillance positions miss by ignoring the triggers, rationale and actions of government mandated and private sector enabled efforts in network monitoring and content filtering?
2. Does ‘internet freedom’ sufficiently encompass the technical requirements and human need for accountability and safety into its tools and protocols?
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