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title: New Alpha Release: Tor Browser 11.5a9 (Windows/macOS/Linux)
pub_date: 2022-04-26
author: richard
summary: Tor Browser 11.5a9 is now available from the Tor Browser download page and also from our distribution directory.
Tor Browser 11.5a9 is now available from the [Tor Browser download page]( and also from our [distribution directory](
Tor Browser 11.5a9 updates Firefox on Windows, macOS, and Linux to 91.8.0esr.
We use the opportunity as well to update various other components of Tor Browser:
- NoScript 11.4.4
- Tor Launcher 0.2.34
- Tor
The full changelog since [Tor Browser 11.5a8]( is:
- Windows + OS X + Linux
- Update Firefox to 91.8.0esr
- Update NoScript to 11.4.4
- Update Tor Launcher 0.2.34
- Update Tor to
- [Bug tor-browser#34366]( The onion-location mechanism does not redirect to full URL
- [Bug tor-browser-build#40469]( Update zlib to 1.2.12 (CVE-2018-25032)
- [Bug tor-browser#40773]( Update the about:torconnect frontend page to match additional UI flows
- [Bug tor-browser#40774]( Update about:preferences page to match new UI designs
- [Bug tor-browser#40822]( Rebase tor-browser 11.5a9 to 91.8 Firefox
- [Bug tor-browser#40862]( Backport 1760674
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