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Feat(docs): selecting candidates and syncing with remote hosts

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......@@ -201,6 +201,28 @@ It can be invoked by running
./onionmine onion-csr
## Selecting a candidate
It's possible to indicate that a candidate is selected by running the
`selected-candidate` sub-command like this:
./onionmine select-candidate test35n4rit2dzagyzixi7kfktuzns3q464donfggtn5jhflqvwihrqd.onion
This only creates a symbolic link in the pool folder to make easy to know which
candidate is currently selected.
## Remote mining
Onionmine provides two helper subcommands to sync between local and remote hosts:
./onionmine sync-to-remotes # syncs both the codebase and the pools to remote hosts
./onionmine sync-from-remotes # syncs only the pools from remote hosts
Remote hosts and base folder can be set using the `onionmine.conf` config file, as well as
other parameters such as `rsync` options and exclusion patterns.
This allows remote mining operations, like in a server farm.
## Tasks
Check the [issue queue](
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