Verified Commit 819d89f7 authored by Silvio Rhatto's avatar Silvio Rhatto
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Feat(batch): simple batch processing

parent 03023dae
......@@ -23,7 +23,21 @@ BASENAME="`basename $0`"
DIRNAME="`dirname $0`"
source $DIRNAME/params
# Batch locally or in remote servers?
# Check if there are any limits for each pool?
# Iterate over all pools and start the mining process
# Check if there are any mining limits
if ! echo $MKP224O_RUN_FLAGS | grep -q -- "-n [0-9]"; then
# Display warning
echo "WARNING: cannot find -n flag at MKP224O_RUN_FLAGS"
echo "Please make sure that you have mining limits for your pools, otherwise this script won't stop by itself."
# Iterate over all pools
for pool in `ls $POOLS`; do
# Skip the example pool
if [ "$pool" == "" ]; then
# Start mining
echo ">batch: processing pool: $pool"
make -C $BASEDIR mine pool=$pool
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