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You'd love to read about your experiences during the training, product testing, and interviews. There are a few ways to do this:
* Scenario: describe the process of the test you ran. Read [this text]() to understand a little more about it.
* Scenario: describe the process of the test you ran. Read [this article **pls verify if it is a good article**]( to understand a little more about it.
* Demographics: While we are not interested in specific characteristics of our audience, or binary characteristcs, it is important for us to know the total reach of your Tor training. You should take [this material]() with you on the day of your research, distribute it among participants, and answer their questions about how to fill it in, if they have any.
* Interview Process: Thank the participant for their willingness to participate in this process and explain that we are testing the product, not them. The interview should not last longer than 20 minutes, you can record if you wish, but you can also take notes on the printed material you will carry with you (or on your computer). Thank the participant again and end the interview.
Send us the result - you don't have to write a report, we can do this data analysis with the material you collected.
## Report
small text about our report platforms
You can find our document to report [here](https://linkto). But if you think you won't have time to gather and report in this format, we would love to have another way to get the material you collected. You can take pictures or send your ´raw´ notes for us.
## Additional links
* Our news:
* Active listening
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* [Strength in Numbers: Usable Tools Don't Need to Be Invasive](Our news:
* [Active listening **also deserves a better look to see if it is a good article to share**](
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