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We love to protect privacy, circumvent censorship and allow anonymity. And we want to make sure to improve our services while doing so. Our User Research is based on Community engagement and what you want to share with us. Here you'll find our ways to do so, and to help Tor with User Research.
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[Sign up to be in our testing pool](https://link)
Do you want to help Tor becoming a User Research? Sign up for the UX team mailing list and we'll email you when there's a new service test. We will never use your email for any other purposes.
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[Currently Tests](https://link)
In this page you will find Tor services and products that we are testing, as well our documentation about these processes.
***Become a User Researcher for Tor services***
Are you an UX Researcher interested in run Tor User Tests? Have new ideas, suggestions, or studies that can help improve Tor applications? Help us by coordinating product testing, and we'll send you a Tor kit.
UX team list ->
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