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Usability is about making sure anyone, no matter their technical background, can use a tool. Our approach to usability is built on respecting and safeguarding the privacy of our users. We test our hypotheses and make observations in the safest way possible; in most cases, we do this work in-person with our users, not by collecting data about their behavior.
### Guidelines to be a User Research for Tor < link
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Do you want to be a User Research for Tor? Learn how to do so respecting the privacy and security of our users.
### Get to know our tests < link
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These resources will give you the basics about our services.
### Read our F.A.Q. < link
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You might get a gazillion questions about Tor during the interview, find our which are the most frequent ones and get prepared.
### Talk to us
You can reach the UX team by joining our [mailing list](https://link) and our [IRC channel](https://link).
You can reach the UX team by joining our [mailing list]( and our [IRC channel](
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