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## Guidelines to be a User Research for Tor
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User researchers are primarily interested in people and their problems. They are good listeners, they take notes, analyze and report problems to be solved by other teams. User researchers are curious about people and their needs. They want to know what is keeping out users from using Tor products that protects their privacy and safety online, and what Tor can to change it.
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## Respect privacy
At Tor, we collect only necessary data to improve our services, we don't collect invasive data about user behaviors - we test our softwares, not people.
## Be a good listener and open-minded
Listening is a skill to build bridges. In Tor, we want people to build bridges, not walls - and we believe this is not just for our services, but as well for our communities. Get in here to read some suggestions about being a better listener and make a great research experience. <link>
## Learn
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## Describe
small text should explain scenario, demographics, interview processes and research at all
## Report
small text about our report platforms
## Additional links
* Our news:
* Active listening
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