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      No issue: elaborate on Components class doc. · 56f78cb3
      Michael Comella authored
      This is to clarify a misunderstanding I found in PR review.
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      For #13959: move resetAfter into StrictModeManager. · f19c9920
      Michael Comella authored
      In a followup PR, we need to add state to strictModeManager (the
      number of suppressions). This is much simpler to do when this is defined
      as a class rather than an object. However, when this is defined as a
      class, `resetAfter` needs access to the strictModeManager. Instead of
      passing it in as an argument, it made sense to move this function onto
      the strictModeManager instead.
      Since folks are used to calling:
      We're going to have to add a lint check to prevent them from doing that.
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      For #13959: change StrictModeManager to class from object. · 6abeb2d9
      Michael Comella authored
      I originally tried to create this PR leaving this as an object to keep
      the change simple but it wasn't worth it - once the object started to
      keep state, we'd need to manually reset the state between runs. Also,
      the tests were already getting hacky with static mocking so it was
      easier to address some of those issues this way too.
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      for #11830 created class containing the logic for sending AllStartup telemetry logic · 537d95c0
      sraturi authored
      lint check
      renamed the intentReceived telemetry to appOpenedAllSource
      added comments
      removed unused code
      moved lifecycle process to AppAllSourceStartTelemetry
      moved tracking event out of init function
      lint fix
      moved appAllStartTelemetry to components
      added bit more info about the metrics
      added the  onReceivedIntent metric back
      minor fix
      change discriptions based on the comments frm MR
      wrote test cases for AppAllSourceStartTelemetry.kt
      lint fix
      test case to mock application going background
      post rebase:
      post rebase:
      fixed nit from comments
      fixed nit from comments
      fixed nit from comments
      lint fix
      lint fix
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      No issue: Move Do and OpenClass to utils pkg. · 4437ddd5
      Michael Comella authored
      They were both in their packages by themselves, which feels unnecessary.
      Unfortunately, a utils pkg is discouraged by kotlin but we don't have a
      better place for them right now. Maybe an annotations/ pkg for the
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      Closes #7450: Lazy storage initialization · eb14532c
      Grisha Kruglov authored
      Make sure that we actually lazily initialize our storage layers.
      With this patch applied, storage layers (history, logins, bookmarks) will be initialized when first
      accessed. We will no longer block GeckoEngine init, for example, on waiting for the logins storage
      to initialize (which needs to access the costly securePrefStorage).
      Similarly, BackgroundServices init will no longer require initialized instances of the storage
      components - references to their "lazy wrappers" will suffice.
      In practice, this change changes when our storage layers are initialized in the following ways.
      Currently, we will initialize everything on startup. This includes loading our megazord, as well.
      With this change, init path depends on if the user is signed-into FxA or not.
      If user is not an FxA user:
      - on startup, none of the storage layers are initialized
      - history storage will be initialized once, whenever:
        - first non-customTab page is loaded (access to the HistoryDelegate)
        - first interaction with the awesomebar
        - history UI is accessed
      - bookmarks storage will be initialized once, whenever:
        - something is bookmarked, or we need to figure out if something's bookmarked
        - bookmarks UI is accessed
      - logins storage will be initialized once, whenever:
        - first page is loaded with a login/password fields that can be autofilled
        - (or some other interaction by GV with the autofill/loginStorage delegates)
        - logins UI is accessed
      - all of these storages will be initialized if the user logs into FxA and starts syncing data
        - except, if a storage is not chosen to be synced, it will not be initialized
      If user is an FxA user:
      - on startup, none of the storage layers are initialized
      - sometime shortly after startup is complete, when a sync worker runs in the background, all storage
      layers that are enabled to sync will be initialized.
      This change also means that we delay loading the megazord until first access (as described above).
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