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    Bug 22194/20683: Integrate Selfrando into alpha Linux builds · 16d87451
    boklm authored
    Selfrando is a new defense against code reuse attacks developed by the
    Redactor and Readactor++ people. We should give it a wider testing
    audience by including it in the alpha series.
    This is currently only available for 64bit Linux builds, though.
    Supporting other platforms and architectures is work in progress.
    tor-browser-bundle.git author: Georg Koppen <gk@torproject.org>
    tor-browser-bundle.git commit: 332c5b6c16f1b0915f537a4ad5af48295f80c733
    tor-browser-bundle.git commit: 8fe0e322b950efa2456502428bee66dde8b4948a
    tor-browser-bundle.git commit: 3e752843dfa39beec844822c9f6c3dd1f80355ea