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    Bug 23585: fix build with runc version 1.0.0~rc2 · 8c4c05dd
    boklm authored
    Some distributions are packaging runc version 1.0.0~rc2, which seems to
    be half between runc 0.1.1 and runc 1.0.0.
    This version requires the same command line parameters as version 1.0.0,
    however it requires a config.json in the same format as 0.1.1.
    The output from `runc --version` on 1.0.0~rc2 is:
    runc version spec: 1.0.0-rc2-dev
    So we add a var/runc_spec100 function which is true when the runc
    version spec is exactly 1.0.0 (as returned by runc stable 1.0.x
    releases), and use it in projects/common/runc-config.json.
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