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    Build go-webrtc and snowflake for mac. · 9b591074
    boklm authored
    tor-browser-bundle.git author: David Fifield <david@bamsoftware.com>
    tor-browser-bundle.git commit: 26e0cd44f2886bfad1c3d30844ff7a21eb9d0478
    Commit message from the tor-browser-bundle.git commit:
    Build go-webrtc and snowflake in the mac pluggable-transports descriptor.
    I had to apply two tricks to get a reproducible snowflake-client.
    The first is to use faketime to eliminate some timestamps. There were 11
    variable timestamps in the file. Through experimentation, I found that
    10 of them were dependent on the Go runtime (recompiling Go caused them
    to change) and 1 was dependent on snowflake-client itself (recompiling
    snowflake-client with the same runtime changed only that 1 timestamp).
    The underlying issue has to do with clang 3.8.0 on Darwin embedding
    timestamps, unsolved in the Go issue tracker as of 13 days ago.
    The second is a sed command to clobber embedded paths of the form
    /tmp/go-buildXXXXXXXXX and /tmp/go-link-XXXXXXXXX. Their presence is
    caused by some combination of Clang and Darwin, and there is as yet no
    known workaround upstream.