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    Bug 27265: fix output_dir value in sub-projects · a182f67a
    boklm authored and Georg Koppen's avatar Georg Koppen committed
    We update rbm for bug 27265: fix output_dir value in sub-projects.
    As part of this fix, the patch in rbm is changing how the value of
    output_dir is overriden by rbm when handling input_files: the output_dir
    option is now defined under norec, which has priority over normal
    options but is not inherided in sub-projects. In rbm.conf we are also
    changing the output_dir option in var/build_id_txt so that the build ids
    do not depend on the path on the current system. Because of the change
    in rbm we now need to reset `norec` so that our value of `output_dir` is
    correctly taken into account.